With our yoga training you will be offered a varied, active and at the same time meditative yoga class every week. Body, mind and soul are brought into harmony. The holistic yoga style is based on a Hatha Vinyasa Flow in which the main focus is on the flowing transitions between the asanas (yoga poses). This creates a constant flow that strengthens, balances and stabilizes you physically, mentally and emotionally. The main elements are breathing, stretching and the body's own strength.

By combining these building blocks, powerful exercises create an external fitness that strengthens your body and tones your muscles. At the same time, the calm, meditative yoga elements enable a deep connection to yourself and direct your gaze inward.


Yoga offer

You can expect a calm and dynamic vinyassa yoga class that combines yoga asanas, breathing exercises and meditation.


You need comfortable, loose clothing for training. A loose shirt, training pants, short shorts or leggings.


Yoga mats and blocks are provided. The lessons are held in German and English, depending on the participants.


Rainbow Sport members benefit from a reduced price.

Course calendar

Your participation in


per training / plus basic membership
Cash during training

20 (inst. of 25.-)

Wir sind der Sportverein in Zürich für die gesamte LGBTIQA+ Community: Lesben, Gays, Bi-, Trans-, Intersexuelle, Queers, Asexuelle & Friends.

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