Sports Commission

There is a representative for every sports offer that takes place regularly in our club. They all represent the interests of the various sports in the club and thus form the sports committee. The member of the sports committee for your sport is your direct contact person for all club issues.

Luftbild von Wrestling Match



Founding member of the Ringerpoint in Zurich and initiator of the Rainbow Sport Wrestling. Here he is a trainer and responsible for the prosperity of the sport.

Leisure time: Cooking, hiking, places of strength, meditation, dancing and parties.



Bastien has been a passionate swimmer at the GSZ for years. Since spring 2016 he has represented swimmers on the sports committee. He is described in the club as an open, fun and friendly person who is always well informed, helpful and very enterprising. He is committed to the swimming section with a lot of heart and soul, but he is also open to all kinds of fun.

Sports: swimming (3 times a week) and fitness training (2 times a week).

Free time: Eurovision Song Contest, traveling, cinema, the English language.




In 1993, Bernd joined the badminton club before switching to squash in 1996. He has been leading this small but fine group for more than 15 years.

Free time: traveling, participating in international squash tournaments, cinema, reading.



I'm Bruce and I deliver bootcamps for everyone. I'm there to make sure everyone feels welcome, safe and importantly has a great time getting involved with exercise.

I love to bring my whole self to every session so expect:
- English humour
- A punctual session (not as punctual as the Swiss but close)
- Group Events - I love organising them

Also, baking is a keen hobby and  I have been known to bring 'healthy' treats for taste testing.

Boot Camp


Volleyball 1 & 2

In addition to training, he makes sure that volleyball goes to tournaments again and again. He himself plays in the 2nd division. By the way, volleyball was the first sport of Rainbow Sport.

Leisure time: Sport and exercise are generally important to him. In addition to volleyball, this can include badminton, tennis, skiing and cycling, but also ski touring, diving or climbing a mountain. Jogging isn't really his thing. Then he has a weakness for the cinema, especially for the Locarno Film Festival and he also enjoys reading, especially on his terrace or on the beach.


Volleyball 3&4

Has been a member of Rainbow Sport Zurich since 2012 and has been actively involved in club life ever since. It is important to him that the players, from beginners to advanced, have fun and enjoyment. Organizing is his passion. So he took on a lot of responsibility and also helped organize the badminton tournament in 2015.

Free time: In addition to badminton and volleyball, he loves to hike and likes to spend his time in his allotment garden.

paar Yoga



New to the Rainbow Sport Zurich since 2016 and full of passion for yoga. He has been practicing yoga for many years and delves into the philosophy of yoga in order to feel and experience life in its entirety.


Leisure time: Global Nomad & rediscover life every day.

Denis A.


Sport and competition have accompanied him since his youth. Starting with tennis, through cycling to badminton. Active at Rainbow Sport since 2015 where he plays actively and regularly takes part in tournaments across Europe. He welcomes all members from beginners to advanced competitors. The gender does not matter, the main thing is to have fun and enjoy the game and camaraderie! In addition to sports and competitions, Denis still has some time for quieter moments, such as enjoying a delicious meal with a glass or two of wine. In the morning or in the evening, there can also be a yoga session to compensate.

Badminton Ausrüstung


Tennis summer

Denis S.

Tennis winter

If not on the tennis court, it can be found in the gym. For Denis, who has been part of the sports committee since 2020, sport is right at the top. He travels a lot and likes to travel (especially GLTA tournaments), loves good food and is always available for a cozy evening with friends.

Leisure time: tennis, gym and traveling


Wir sind der Sportverein in Zürich für die gesamte LGBTIQA+ Community: Lesben, Gays, Bi-, Trans-, Intersexuelle, Queers, Asexuelle & Friends.

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