Pilates is a particularly effective but gentle exercise for body and mind. Individual muscles or muscle groups are specifically activated, relaxed or even stretched. The quality of the training is in the foreground and breathing is coordinated with the movement sequences:


“After 10 hours you will feel the difference.
After 20 hours you can see the difference.
And after 30 hours you have a new body. "

Joseph H. Pilates


Our training

Our one-hour Pilates training takes place weekly in Zurich.


Comfortable sportswear is an advantage. We train barefoot or in socks.


Mats and equipment are available in the studio. If you like to train on your own mat, you can of course bring it with you.


We look forward to your registration for a free trial training session.

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Wir sind der Sportverein in Zürich für die gesamte LGBTIQA+ Community: Lesben, Gays, Bi-, Trans-, Intersexuelle, Queers, Asexuelle & Friends.

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