Yoga is an ancient Indian science that exercises, trains and promotes the body and mind simultaneously. The Sanskrit word "yoga" means "union", a harmonious interaction of body and mind in all aspects of life. Hatha means strength, energy, and in this context stands for a very body-oriented yoga.

Yoga was developed to promote health and train mental discipline. The positive effects of a regular yoga practice are far-reaching: from stress reduction to strengthening the muscles, improving posture, strengthening the back to boosting the immune system and self-esteem.

In this yoga lesson, I would like to offer a broad spectrum: combining breathing techniques (pranayama), the energy centres (chakras), athletic exercises (asanas), the sun salutation (surya namaskara), vinyasa flow (a flowing, dynamic execution of the asanas) and deep relaxation/meditation (yoga nidra) to bring body and mind into harmony.

Chakra Yoga

This form of yoga is based on Hatha Yoga, with the aim of balancing the chakras (7 main energy fields) in our body. These can be over-activated or blocked. With this yoga practice they are brought back into flow.

It consists of a mixture of postures (asanas), which are specifically assigned to the respective chakras, as well as pranayama, meditation and relaxation, which try to maintain or regain the balance in our lives. This yoga practice can activate and relax us. These 7 chakras offer us valuable support. Like the meridians, they cannot be seen but are associated with feelings and physical ailments. It is a gentle, energetic yoga technique, whereby the focus is on one's own mindfulness and takes physical limitations into account.

Our Training

You can expect a chakra yoga class that combines yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation and relaxation.

You will need comfortable, loose clothing for the training. A loose shirt, trainer pants, short shorts or leggings.

Yoga mats and blocks are provided. Classes are held in German and English, depending on the participants.

Rainbow Sport members benefit from a reduced price for the 10 class subscription.


From 2 June 2023, yoga will be held at a new location:

Friedaustrasse 17 (on the 3rd floor), 8003 Zurich

20.02.2024 - 31.12.2024


Friedaustrasse 17 (3rd floor), 8003 Zurich

Yoga classses 10 for 11

CHF 290,00
plus basic membership
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