Bootcamp is a form of training that originated in the US military. The training found its way to Great Britain in 2005 and from there it was spread around the world. Bootcamp motivates you to perform at your best. In addition to your physical fitness, bootcamp also promotes team spirit and camaraderie. This in turn has a positive effect on your stamina. The Rainbow Sport Zurich Bootcamp is an offer for all age groups and can be implemented regardless of gender.


The only requirement is good physical health. Your training level doesn't matter.


Defeat your weaker self and let our instructor professionally motivate you to perform at your best.



Our training

The Rainbow Sport Zurich Bootcamp is open to everyone and we invite you to train intensively for an hour in the fresh air in the city.

You can expect physical endurance, strength and conditioning exercises in which the upper / lower body and the abdominal muscles are involved.


A qualified and experienced trainer always provides new challenges and supports you in correctly performing the exercises.


  • All you need for training is weather-appropriate training clothing and a bottle of water.


Training calendar

Your participation in

Boot camp


per training / volunteer trainer support
(requires basic membership)


Wir sind der Sportverein in Zürich für die gesamte LGBTIQA+ Community: Lesben, Gays, Bi-, Trans-, Intersexuelle, Queers, Asexuelle & Friends.

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