Badminton is a setback sport that is played by two or four people and the rules are simple. The term shuttlecock is also popular. In contrast, badminton is a much faster sport and requires both precise technique and tactics.

There are different types of hits like the “drops”, “clears” or the “smashes”. With the professionals, these speeds reach around 300 km / h.

Our training

Trainer-led trainings usually follow this procedure: Short warm-up, 20 min. Technique training, 40 min. Application in the game, 45 min. Free game. Training sessions without a trainer take place in free play.


  • In addition to a sports outfit, indoor shoes (with non-staining soles) and, if possible, your own racket are required for training.

  • If there is no racket available, one can be organized by prior arrangement.

Training calendar

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